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NutriCalc is a recipe system and nutritional calculator. It is a Microsoft Access based application and will run on Access 2000 or later.  It will run using the full version of Access, or the free run-time version.


Recipe database

The main function of NutriCalc is to design and manage recipes for food manufacture or preparation.

Items are made up from items, which may be ingredients or have their own recipes.  A comprehensive nutritional profile of the recipe may be calculated, based on its ingredients.  Each nutrient has a validity percentage, indication that some of all of the ingredients have data for this nutrient.  100% indicates no missing nutrient data.

The predicted water activity of the recipe may be calculated, similar to Water Analyser.  Two recipe costs may be calculated, based on different cost sets.  The recipe may be printed as written, and as a fully exploded multi-level indented ingredient listing, or a fully exploded multi-level consolidated ingredient listing.  Recipes have version control.

Ingredient database
The program contains a table of ingredients, which may be used to build recipes.
The ingredient table is completely user managed, and is fully compatible with the USDA nutritional database.
An ingredient may have a recipe, or be a raw material, and have two costs.
Ingredients may also have water activity information, which is used to calculate the water activity of a recipe.
Nutritional database
Each ingredient may have nutritional data for any nutrient.  The list of nutrients is user definable, and the default nutrients are based on USDA.
The user may select which nutrients are to be used in reports.
Each ingredient may have a set of water activity / moisture data points stored, which may be used to calculate its GAB constants and isotherm, similar to Water Analyser.  Please refer to the description in Water Analyser for further information on isotherms.
Film Permeance Database
A database may be established of packaging film permeance data.
Permeance is a measure of water permeation through the film over time.
Experimental permeance data may be entered for each film, from which the permeance and water vapour transmission rate may be calculated.
Film Permeance is also similar to the Water Analyser.
Nutricalc may be downloaded for evaluation purposes. This is a fully featured version, but may only be used for a limited number of times (20). If you decide to purchase, a password will be supplied to enable continued use.
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