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Project Accounts Keeper Invoice Timekeeping

PAKIT is for businesses or individuals who charge out their time, stock itmes  and expenses to clients. It is a Microsoft Access based application and will run on Access 2000 or later.  It will run using the full version of Access, or the free run-time version.



PAKIT contains a list of clients with their details. 


PAKIT is project-based.  One or more projects are set up for each client.

All time worked on the project and expenses to be charged against the project are recorded.

Multiple people charging time at different rates are catered for.  


Invoices may be created for a project at any stage for time and expenses.  This is done by selecting the time and expense records to be invoiced.  Only those records that have not been invoiced previously may be selected, preventing double-charging. Invoices include GST for Australian clients. 

Invoices will appear on a register, where they may be marked as paid (or partially paid).  


PAKIT has the ability to store multiple accounts, such as bank accounts and petty cash.  At least one bank account is required, as the details are used on the invoice. 

The Ledger module allows all income and expense transactions for each account to be recorded, showing a running balance which may be reconciled with bank statements.  It allows for transfers between accounts, such as to Petty Cash.  


A number of reports are available:

         Outstanding Invoices

         Project Summary

         Work by Employee by Project

         Work by Employee by Date

        To be Invoiced


PAKIT may be downloaded for evaluation purposes. This is a fully featured version, but may only be used for a limited number of times (20). If you decide to purchase, a password will be supplied to enable continued use.

Download PAKIT 



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